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home“. . .life is short and the world is wide”  — Simon Raven


Let’s face it: anyone can buy a road map and set out to explore the great intermountain routes that Colorado is famous for. And anyone does! As a result, the most well-known routes are often clogged with tourist traffic – a veritable Shriner’s parade of SUVs, RVs and other obstacles to riding pleasure.Colorado is wide open country, the real west. Why put up with congestion and endless traffic?

Let Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Tours put together a tour itinerary for you on the roads we prefer: Scenic, well paved, offering plenty of variety and riding interest – and essentially free of annoying traffic.

Bring your own bike or rent one here and insure one here., saddle up and enjoy the tour of a lifetime. We can put together a custom guided tour package for your group. For more independent riders, our self-guided tours are a bargain for individuals and groups: All the insider knowledge without the expense of a professionally guided tour!

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markj“A great motorcycle tour! We did a mix of spirited canyon-carving, more sedate travels through valleys with fine mountain views, and runs over high mountain passes. Beautiful country; Bob really knows the area well and picked a fantastic route. I went through a lot of film on this trip! A real spirit of camaraderie.”

 — Mark J.